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25 June, 2024 News

Summer camp space travel

In the period from June 17 to 21, 2024, an aerospace shift took place on the basis of the summer camp of the Dnipro Lyceum No. 31 of the DMR.

The employees of NCAOM - KILYMNIK Maryna, head of the educational and methodological department and Inna HONCHAR, specialist of the educational and methodological department, welcomed the participants of the aerospace shift - students of grades 1-4 and started preparing for the trip.

The journey began - children playfully joined the intellectual quiz competition "Star brain-ring", where they learned about space food and interesting facts from the life of cosmonauts.

Next, the crews of the "Space Brotherhood" teams prepared for flight into space: young radio operators built a radio station from paper cups for communication, navigators deciphered the code of an alien message, and other crew members established relations with an unknown civilization.

Lyudmila MARCHENKO, teacher of astronomy at the Aerospace School of the National Academy of Sciences, a lecturer of the highest category, creatively presented information about the universe and astronomy research to the students.

Pupils took part in an interactive astronomical meeting with game elements and workshops on making the Hubble telescope.

Each member of the shift made his own miniature telescope.

Oleg SHYLOV, a teacher of the "Amateur Astronomy" aerospace group, introduced the children to a real telescope and sunglasses, with which he conducted workshops on observing the Sun.

Students were able to see spots on the Sun, learn a lot of useful and educational information about the bright light.

Young researchers plunged into the mysterious world of space and astronomy, everyone was very satisfied.

At the end of the aerospace shift, the most active students were awarded special space-themed prizes, and the rest of the children received incentive prizes.

We would like to thank the administration of the lyceum and the teachers of primary classes for their help in organizing the aerospace shift on the basis of the summer camp of the Dnipro Lyceum No. 31 DMR.

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