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Space rocket modeling laboratory

At about the age of ten, hundreds of children start to construct on their own, at home or within hobby groups, the models of aircrafts and rockets, taking the first step in technical creative work. Starting from a model, many of them become fond of aviation and space exploration for life.

The laboratory of rocket and space modeling at the National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth gives practical skills of designing, construction and making of models and prototypes of rocket and space equipment of the past, present and future, model copies, sporting models of rockets and rocket airplanes, and helps to deepen their knowledge in certain branches of physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, drawing, and other disciplines.

Being engaged in space and rocket modeling, our pupils take part in the international events (world championships, competitions, conferences, congresses, exhibitions etc.), and they already visited many countries of the world: the USA, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan.

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Aerospace education is a systematic form of education and upbringing of children and young people in order to transfer to them knowledge about aviation and cosmonautics, training of specialists for the aerospace industry, informing the population about the results of space activities in Ukraine.

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