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  • All-Ukrainian conference-competition of research works of schoolchildren «Star way»

All-Ukrainian conference-competition of research works of schoolchildren «Star way»

Constant interest of schoolchildren to space research and exploration is also supported and developed by annual All-Ukrainian Educational and Scientific Conference “Star Way”.

All-Ukrainian Educational and Scientific Conference «Star Way»

The main objective of the Conference is to give young scientists an opportunity to report on and to defend their original research works on various topics of astronomy, physics, natural phenomena, and ecology of the Space, technical creative work and rocket and space modeling, computer technologies; to exchange knowledge and information with their peers from various regions of Ukraine and even CIS countries. Pupils from the Center, Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association “SUZIRYA”, the winners of contests held by Small Academy of Science, youth scientific-technical creative centers, senior pupils of any establishments of general education of Ukraine and CIS are invited to take part in the Conference.

By solving the very important task of career guidance, the Conference “Star Way” encourages the pupils to continue their aerospace education, allowing senior pupils to choose their profession in rocket-and-space domain, and to take the first step in research activity.

Official site: http://www.star-way.dp.ua

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