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  • The international youth scientific and practical conference «Human and Space»

The international youth scientific and practical conference «Human and Space»

Official site: http://spacehuman.org/

The International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference «Human and Space» is the largest event in aerospace branch of Ukraine and CIS countries held for young scientists and professionals which professional activity is closely connected with space and rocket technologies.

Международная молодежная научно-практическая конференция «Человек и Космос»

During 3 days, participants and guests of the Conference at plenary meetings and sessions, round-table discussions, present and discuss their papers, developments, share experience, establish solid scientific and business relationships, and gain invaluable experience of speaking at the conferences.

The Conference is held with the continuous and active participation of enterprises and universities of rocket-and-space profile, creating thereby the unique opportunities and conditions for mutual familiarization with advanced developments in aerospace domain, mutually beneficial cooperation of industry and universities, encouraging young researchers and specialists for working in rocket and space branch.

In accord with «Human and Space» Conference results, the best papers are published in professional journals such as «Bulletin of Dnipropetrovsk University. Series Rocketand Space Engineering», and «Ecology and Noospherology».

Official site: http://spacehuman.org/

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