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Scientific readings «Dneprovskaya orbita»

Conferences official site: http://dneprorbita.org.ua

Scientific Readings “Dneprovskaya Orbita” is a unique event uniting professionals and experts of rocket and space industry, specialists in technical and biological sciences, historians and philosophers.

Научные чтения «Днепровская орбита»

During Scientific Readings, the issues connected with non-science aspects of space activity, mutual relations of Humans and Space are discussed, that is:

  • investigations on the history of aviation and rocket-and-space engineering;
  • studying of the heritage of pioneers of design schools of spacecraft construction;
  • ecological problems of rocket and space complex of Ukraine;
  • aerospace education;
  • influence of space activity on the world outlook of the human society development, problems of the international space law of ХХІ century.

Invitations to take part in Scientific Readings are given to scientists and designers from historically formed scientific and designers’ schools (due to active work of which the Ukrainian cosmonautics maintains its positions in the world), who can, while paying tribute to pioneer developments of the founders, efficiently analyze the modern state of the relevant domain of cosmonautics and present the results of their investigations.

Conferences official site: http://dneprorbita.org.ua

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Aerospace education is a systematic form of education and upbringing of children and young people in order to transfer to them knowledge about aviation and cosmonautics, training of specialists for the aerospace industry, informing the population about the results of space activities in Ukraine.

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