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Flight of Leonid Kadenyuk

In the period from November 19 to December 5, 1997, together with the crew members (four Americans and one Japanese), Leonid Kadenyuk made a space flight on the American STS-87 space shuttle "Columbia".

Each of the cosmonauts had their own task. The Ukrainian performed the role of a scientist-biologist. The crew conducted experiments with three types of plants: turnips, soybeans and moss. Cosmonauts had to find out how weightlessness affects their growth and development. According to the program, Leonid Kadenyuk performed ten experiments during the flight.

In addition, the experiments of the Institute of Human Systems Research on the topic "Man and the state of weightlessness" were carried out. It was a breakthrough for Ukraine, which won the right to be called a space state.

"I was the first to fly into space with the Ukrainian flag and fulfilled the tasks of the Ukrainian government. In 1997, the Ukrainian national anthem was played in outer space for the first time," the cosmonaut recalled.

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