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Event announcement for 2021
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Event announcement  for 2021


Integrated Thematic Project «Mysterious World of Space»


XXIІІ International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference «Human and Space»

XІX All-Ukrainian Conference-Competition of Research Works of Schoolchildren «Star Way»

All-Ukrainian Children’s Painting Competition «Step to the Stars»


Municipal Computer Science Competition «We are the Children of the Galaxy»

Children’s Painting Competition for Labor Day (as a part of the «Step to the Stars» Competition)

Municipal Arts and Crafts Contest «Galaxy Treasures»


Open Day: NAECY named after О.М. Makarov

Municipal Pavement Drawing Competition «Space Smile»


XVI Scientific Readings «Dniprovska Orbita»


All-Ukrainian Computer Graphics Competition «Space Ukraine»

VІI All-Ukrainian Contest of Creative Works of Schoolchildren «Literary Universe»


Space Quiz for Schoolchildren «Universe in Hands»

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Aerospace education is a systematic form of education and upbringing of children and young people in order to transfer to them knowledge about aviation and cosmonautics, training of specialists for the aerospace industry, informing the population about the results of space activities in Ukraine.

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Національний центр аерокосмічної освіти молоді ім. О.М. Макарова